Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hawks win!

I saw the Blackhawks clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup Conference Finals last night. They were hot in the third period scoring three consecutive goals.

You know I don't ever recall the increased use of empty nets as I've seen in this current Stanley Cup playoffs. I wonder if this is new and when I saw Vancouver pull their goaltender in an earlier game with only a one goal deficit I figured that was a mistake.

The empty net strategy basically is to pull the goaltender and get a sixth player on the ice. You have extra attackers if you really want to cut a lead with your opponents and you need a goal.

You probably saw my tweets because I was excited to see Rocky Wirtz the owner of the Blackhawks. He took over the team after the death of Bill Wirtz in 2007. He oversaw the turn around of a team in a very short period of time. The Hawks have their home games broadcast on local TV again and now the team actually has the will to win!

You know when I follow my hometown teams, I start with a pessimism unless I have no reason to doubt how far they will go. Example the Bulls during their championship runs of the 1990s. After they won their first title it was easy to believe they would go forward at least until Michael Jordan's initial retirement from the NBA.

Well I won't get ahead of myself, but now that the Hawks has advance so far in so little time especially since this is their first playoff appearance since 2002 I can think that the sky is the limit. Of course that'll depend on if the Hawks can get past Detroit of Anaheim in the next round and as of this moment that it yet to be determined. We'll see!

Hey you noticed that I haven't said a bad thing about Bill Wirtz. :)

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