Sunday, May 03, 2009

Been a while since I browsed at flickr

Since I no longer have a Pro account there I really don't look anymore.

To be sure I only enjoyed it because it was free with my DSL package. When I got DSL at home in 2007 it was bundled with services from Yahoo. Flickr is a Yahoo service and with my DSL thru AT&T I could get most of the services provided by Yahoo.

Before I switched my Flickr account from a simple Yahoo account to AT&T account I utilized Yahoo Photos which eventually was phased out. Just as it was annouced recently that GeoCities is going to be phazed out eventually. Heh I see a trend GeoCities and AOL Hometown are going by the wayside these days.

Anyway I posted a pic that I found on Flickr today at The Sixth Ward and there are going to be more. It almost makes me want to post more pictures and then get a Pro account although now I have to pay for it. I indicated already that I was basically going to refuse to pay for something I originally got for free with the only benefits being that I can have all of my photosets and all of my pics available for viewing.

Anyway I would like to browse more and step up my photography game. I look forward to the day that I can get me a real camera, because all I have at this point is a simple point & shoot camera. It does the job. but using an SLR camera would be the dream at this point. If I'm good then hpefully my pictures would pay for a Flickr account.

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