Thursday, March 20, 2008

This takes me back!

This seems like a long time ago when I was in school for this. Well this video aired at 6AM and it was unlikely that I was ever up that early. Still I remember this except I would watch cartoons that aired during the noon hour.

Channel 32 was a different animal in those days. I mean cartoons in the morning until about 1992 or 1993 when they started the whole FOX News in the Morning thing. Then for the rest of the day either cartoons or TV reruns. FOX 32 was certainly a wild west of sorts for a TV station that was a member of a brand new TV network. Even in those days FOX took chances more than they seem to now!

In this era I could watch cartoons. I don't remember exactly what would be seen on 32. Perhaps The Care Bears or My Little Ponies or even the favorite of most young me in my generation, ThunderCats. I also remember that I could watch a nice helping of Our Gang.

You know something what many of us find airing on TV during the day is bland compared to what they show on TV these days. I can literally live without the saturation of courtroom programs, talk shows, even the reruns of recently run programs. I wish I can go back to the time when one could find in abundance reruns of programs that aired in the 1960s and 1970s like there were over a decade ago.

Hey, if I hadn't watched TV in the early 1990s I wouldn't have had a nice early does of Battlestar Galactica many years before the premier of the newer version that everyone seems to like on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ah those were the days!

BTW, I wanted to lighten things up around here. Sometimes it pays to do that. It's my mind after all!!! ;-)

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