Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's almost time

That time is near. There is a whole lot going on right now that I'm anticipating and one of them is the new Star Trek movie coming out next week. I've seen clips, trailers, TV spots, toys (merchandising), and even had a glimpse of the film sound track. I'm more excited about it than ever. I may not even wait until I get home to see it.

BTW, I was unsure how to take the redesign of the original starship Enterprise. Now I like it and I suppose I had to see how it would be rendered as a model. I'm OK with it now. Check out this page from the Star Trek movie website called The Enterprise Project showing different takes on the model of the Enterprise.

You know, I've talked to other Trekkies that took issue with the recasting of the original cast. Perhaps there were concern that liberties would be taken with the original characters now that different actors are playing those very familiar roles. Some may not like the new production team imparting their vision of the Star Trek universe.

As far as actors go, I took an open mind. The original players were getting old and two of them have since passed away. If I could see familiar characters again with new faces, there's no problem in my book. What's wrong with a fresh take on new characters although they should remain familiar. Don't turn my hero, Captain Kirk into an evil character who has delusions of grandeur or indeed have him act like he's in the alternate universe depicted in "Mirror, Mirror" an episode of the original series.

Perhaps the Enterprise need an update from the 1960s to look different for audiences in 2009. The technology of the original series certainly can use an update as while it may well have influenced current technology our tech has certainly even advanced further than the supposed technology of the 23rd Century (that is considered the canonical time period of the original Star Trek series). While some aspects of Star Trek technology will be similar there are some minor changes, perhaps there must be otherwise it may not be believeable.

Beyond the fact that there are some differences between the 1960s Star Trek and the new film from which it is based, it's enough for me to be absolutely curious and willing to see the new film come out next week! I can hardly wait.

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