Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yahoo! Pulls the Plug on Flickr for AT&T and Verizon Subscribers

This news is especially disappointing to me because I actually use the service and I enjoyed the perk unfortunately not enough to want to pay almost $25 for a pro-account. A pro-account is a step above a regular account in that a pro-account allowed me to post unlimited pictures, unlimited sets, and allowed me to see the image in a larger resolution. By February I will no longer have that perk.

Reading this article on the subject (I found it using Google) they attributed this decision to the ails of Yahoo's business. I recall that it was in the news when Microsoft seemed very keen on buying Yahoo, but nothing could be finalized. Indeed it's probably safe to say that Yahoo wasn't so keen on being bought by Microsoft. In any case cutting off their relationship with AT&T and Verizon is one way to get an infusion of cash although this article indicated that there might be an exodus to other photosharing websites on the internet.

I've only had a Flick Pro account for the better part of a year. I've only had DSL at home for over a year as well. Ironically enough Flickr became the program of choice when Yahoo decided to close Yahoo!Photos in favor of Flickr. At that point I moved some of those pictures over to Flick and started by Pro account.

I should also note that up until recently Yahoo seemed to have had a deal with SBC and then AT&T to pool their services. Thus I could lot onto my AT&T email thru Yahoo! Mail and other services such as the aforementions Yahoo! Photos and even a service I used to use frequently MyYahoo!. I don't know when that partnership ended but I suppose that is how one could view the end of the free ride by bother AT&T and Verizon users on Flickr.

I hate to say that I'm going to give up on Flickr, the primary reason is because I like Flickr. It's less of a place that merely stores your pictures, but it's certainly a social network that allows other photographers to let you know how much they like your images. Unforunately it looks like I must consider other options.

Perhaps Zoomr is one possible alternative and it is the most like Flickr.

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