Monday, September 08, 2008

Chicago Argus takes a look at the death of Dantrel Davis 15 years ago

Chicago Argus discusses this story I barely remember. It had to have been on the news that many years ago, but I'm not sure I could have comprehended the impact. Apparently it does although this murder occurred back in 1992.

All this young boy was doing was walking to school on October 13th, 1992. Of course he was going to school in a tough Chicago housing project, Cabrini Green, where he lived. That begs a question.

What have we lost in this death of this young boy? Well obviously we've lost a child, but because he was a child of the projects some will probably say he would have just been another thug. Of course that's easy to say and it would be unfortunate that some of us would be so callous as to predict the fate of a boy so young it would have been possible for him to turn things around and be a productive member of society, at a bare minimum.

Well that was the question that Gregory Tejada seeks to answer this morning. It's a good read.

The picture of Dantrell is from the Chicago Tribune in a gallery surrounding his story.

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