Sunday, December 23, 2007

This is what 0-tolerance gets ya

InstaPundit has a post that has stories of students getting into fights but whether or not they had to defend themselves or not inflexible administrators will suspend them. A student isn't allowed to defend themselves but curl up in a fetal position, yeah that'll work in a school that's very lawless. Such a maneuver will get them whooped even more!

The first story you'll see a video from a Nashville, Tennessee TV newscast talks about a girl who attempted to walk away from the situation twice. A fellow student stays on her and assaults her not with fists but a bag or something. The victim never threw a punch according to written reports since there was a security camera and the assault wasn't seen on camera. Both the victim and the perpetrator were suspended for five days.

Why do these rules and regulations have to be so inflexible? I can also ask if some of these zero-tolerance policies are just knee-jerk reactions to past incidents of school violence with the naive idea that some of these kids might just stop while they're ahead. I somehow don't think that's smart.

I hope these school districts realize that they might just as soon open themselves up to a needless lawsuit unless they change their policies!

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