Sunday, December 23, 2007

Governor Blagojevich going down...

The chatter that I've seen today is sure looking that way. I just saw a story over at the Tribune's Clout Street about the federal investigation of the governor...

For years, Rod Blagojevich has projected two distinct images that define his tenure as Illinois' governor.

In one, he is a populist champion with an agenda of "putting people first" by pushing causes like health care for all. In the other, he is a consummate politician with cronies who offer advice while raising campaign cash and asking for favors.

Now, under the lights of a federal investigation, the distinctions are blurring, and the crony image is threatening to wash out the populist one.

Federal prosecutors for the first time have put Blagojevich inside their widespread investigation of pay-to-play in his administration. Blagojevich told one convicted federal informant, "You stick with us and you will do very well for yourself," according to a court document prosecutors filed.

The governor's office denied that he is the "Public Official A" described in the court document as offering state business to convicted political insiders.

In 2008, the spotlight will shine even more brightly on Blagojevich as one of his biggest fundraisers, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, goes to trial in February on charges he tried to trade his access to Blagojevich for kickbacks and contributions to the governor's campaign fund.
Can it be that we are seeing the end of a governorship? The end result being that he might either be forced to resign or indeed forced out of office for his indiscretions? Will he have the decency to leave when the investigation get close to him?

If nothing else he might be the second governor in a row to find himself indicted for corruption. The other being George Ryan who's now serving his sentence in federal prison in Wisconsin. The unfortunate thing is that we knew he had some corrupt tendencies and he got re-elected last year anyway!

Well let's see some of the chatter out there shall we?

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