Sunday, December 23, 2007

A recent comment

On that story about that girl who beat her son to death. I blogged about that this past Tuesday. I want to address a comment that was left for that story last night...
First of all let me say this....just because she looks mean in her picture does not justify your saying YUP she did it! why...cause she looks mean! Wow listen to yourself. I wonder if she was white what would you say? Think now......She is a young beautiful mother whom cared for her children deeply! Hell for her age she did better than mothers older than least she asked for help! People quit being so quick to be judgemental....put your self in her shoes! And pray for her not talk about her. Now think seriously why would she kill her son? As you can see she was DEEPLY DEPRESSED...

I appreciate comments as always but I do want to address this. Understand that is entirely why I wrote this to expose my prejudice of sorts. I was entirely wrong to come to that conclusion without knowing more about this story. It is sad that a woman who by the account I mentioned was a good mother have one moment where she just loses it, and it could cost her. She may lose her kids or she may go to jail.

I'm particularly disappointed that this individual brought up race asking if I would say that if she was white. To be sure I don't know if I'd say that if she was white. If I saw a picture of her I probably would and without knowing her story I'd be wrong for coming to that conclusion as well. One thing is certain I wouldn't be justified in looking at a pic and saying yup she did it. That wouldn't be fair!

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