Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our fearless Governor has made InstaPundit

InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds, links to this story...
An Associated Press review shows that Governor Rod Blagojevich met with a Democratic fundraiser who weeks later attempted to shake down a firm seeking state business.

During an appearance in Chicago today, Blagojevich says he can't remember what he and Joseph Cari discussed because it was so long ago and he meets with so many people.

Blagojevich's appointment calendar was reviewed by The Associated Press. It shows Cari met with the governor at his state office in Chicago on March 16th, 2004.

Cari later admitted he attempted to pressure a firm to pay a sham consulting fee before it could get state pension business as part of a scheme to raise campaign cash for a high-level officeholder.
This story was covered more at length with other stories on the Capitol Fax blog.

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