Thursday, December 06, 2007

Should Illinois do the Con-Con?

In 2008 when we'll be voting for the next President of the United States, Illinois voters will have the opportunity to vote for convening a new constitutional convention. The first since 1970 which was when the current Illinois constitution was written. We may hear about revisions to this document but it's possible as is mentioned in this video that there may be a new constitution written for the state of Illinois.

I think I'm going to find more documents and articles on this because of course just as you'll hear from people promoting a constitutional convention for the sake of making changes, you will just as easily here from those who don't want this. The reason being that they don't want to allow anyone the opportunity to seriously rock the boat and maintain the status quo. Either way that decision is yours. Maintain the status quo or make some changes.


ConCon Illinois said...

Absolutely, let's have a Con Con, we deserve a better form of government-let's put Illinois on the map for progressive, open, government. Thanks so much for video. I have a proposal (still being written) for what should go into a new Constitution. Check out this blog.

Extreme Wisdom said...

If the IEA is saying it, it's clearly meant to lock in and/or protect and grow their bureaucracy.

Re: Funding, let's perhaps apply the Equal Protection Clause (IL) and clearly admit that one child getting one extra dime from the state than another is a violation.

This brings us to the number one fallacy/lie promoted by every politician and news outlet in the state - that the "state isn't paying it's fair share."

The local property tax for schools is "State authorized" and thus a state (NOT LOCAL) tax. The local gov. has zero control, as the school code dictates virtually every dime. Thus, Illinois ranks 11th (NEA data) in education spending. (not the intentionally misrepresented 48th)

If "school funding" is addressed, it should be addressed in a manner equalizing the dollar attached to each student, meaning that every dime follow the student, and not the ficticious contruct of the educationally useless "district."

Next, zero out the property tax for schools, and have the state fund everything. 100% student attached dollars = 100 "local" control, as opposed to the absurdity that a "district" gives you any local control at all.


Guess what folks. Illinois is bankrupt. There isn't enough future tax flow through to fund the obscene promises (and abuses) that have taken place. If you lock in every pension currently in any process, the necessary tax increases will empty out IL of every viable taxpayer that can afford it.

The 'guarantee' has to go.

Besides, the when combined with the patronage piggery of our political class and the cluelessness of our electorate, the guarantee has morphed into a 'license to steal.'

And steal they have. Illinois has become a pension kleptocracy.

In the end, all the big player will come out to kill the Const. Conv.

Business, Unions, Dems, Reps, IASA, IASB, and IASBO, judges, lawyers, and the rest of Illinois class of political clowns, will all come out against the Const. Conv.

If it passes, it will be a political miracle that will have to followed by another political miricle - good delegates.

The fact is IL is so screwed that there is nothing to lose for decent Dems, Reps, Libs, Conservs. and progressives.

118 names from the phone book could do much better, and 118 Joliet inmates couldn't do worse.

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