Wednesday, January 31, 2007

YouTubin' the Locals

Today I see that Gaper's Block is looking at local Chicago videos on YouTube especially as they relate to the municipal elections to be held next month. There are some good ones and this post from Gaper's Block gives us the best and the worst that they have found around the bloggosphere. Most of these candidates or citizens who are not associated with any particular aldermanic campaign that you see at the Block do good work.

I want to show you this video of a nice drive around the 3rd Ward of Chicago. This video looks at the ward of Alderman Dorothy Tillman and it's pretty good. The main thing is, it tells a story, and that it does. Take a look...

I do hope what we are seeing is a general trend. You can get out a message using the internet. You might need to still get out there and knock on doors, but as long as people are computer saavy out there and internet surfers are actually searching for you, this is the kind of stuff worth doing. And the way I can look at it, it shouldn't cost a lot of change. Though I hope if any of you ever post a video for an election campaign I hope you make it as professional as possible.

I had a couple of articles I wanted to post but I won't. Everytime I wanted to get started I just wasn't getting it right. Perhaps you'll see these posts tomorrow. Haven't decided, but you can check out my links in You might see a couple of them in there although you will have to guess at them.

And for this story a hat-tip to What the Helen. Good day!


JP Paulus said...

Note what he said about the 46th ward. like the videos (and messages on message board ) are very negative. That whole Anti-Shiller campaign claims they aren't sanctioned by the Cappleman campaign.

But it's like the negative commercials done against Peter Roksam & Tammy Duckworth by the Democratic & Republican National COngressional COmmittee. They weren't sanctioned by the opposing candidates, but they certainly could have told the committees to stop.

According to a survey on the BPN message board, at least 12 people on BPN say they are a part of the official campaign -- there's no way James Cappleman CAN'T know these negative efforts.

If James Cappleman wins, he won't make it to a 2nd term. If he doesn't do enough to get rid of the visible poor, there will be a strong campaign for a more extreme candidate. And if too much is done, a moderate candidate that can appeal to some elements such as real affordable housing options will get some remnant of the Shiller vote plus those disgusted with the extremism that might prevail.

WhatTheHelen said...

You are full of it, JP.

People like James because he's honest and he LISTENS.

At least when we have an opinion, we back it up with some links, documentation, and a coherent argument.

Wherever you go on the web to spin away for Helen, we will find you and correct you, as we have done over at the Chicago Reader blog, and many, many people have done at the BPN Forums.

Why don't we let everyone reading It's My Mind know that you don't live in the 46th ward anymore, because your wife won't move there from Rogers Park. But you just can't seem to let go.

Give it a rest, JP.

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