Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On MLK Day...

I took a picture of the campaign headquarters of Eugene Davis who is running against Ald. Fredrenna Lyle and three other opponents for Alderman of the 6th ward. This is not his first race as he ran I believe in 1999 and he ran against Lyle in 2003. Oh yeah Ald. Lyle faced a run-off in 2003 against a former Olympian Willye White and is predicted to face another run-off this time around.

Anyway I went to the 4100 block of Cottage Grove to take a picture of his campaign headquarters. I drove by one night and decided I'm going to take a snapshot of that place. This day was as good a day as any and it was on the way to my next stop.

As you'll see some people exited the headquarters and while I would have liked to have taken more than one snapshot I took my one shot and walked back to the car. Thankfully the headline for this post didn't become either "Amateur photographer assualted by thugs from an aldermanic candidate" or "Amateur photographer verbally abused by supporters of an aldermanic candidate". They looked at me with curiosity and as I drove away something told me to wave and they waved back smiling.

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