Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's My Mind is now on the new Blogger...

I will retain the template that I have adopted since the fall. I don't plan on using the drop and drag editing format. I really like the idea of playing around with the HTML/CSS using my somewhat limited knowledge. Who knows though if I can find a nice template beyond what Blogger provides then I might change in the future.

What this means is that It's My Mind in Beta (the beta part harkens back to when the new Blogger was called Blogger Beta) will be retired and eventually deleted. Also you will see a new feature beginning with this post, labels. Unfortunately I prefer to called them tags or even categories but I have no way of changing the wording unless I go to drop and drag format. I don't think I'll do that just yet.

Either way old Blogger had its strong points and new Blogger has its strong points. And then there are the weak points. Old Blogger didn't mind taking a crap at the wrong moments with errors and waiting to publish then seeing nothing but a blank screen where your blog should be. At least in the new Blogger publishing should be just about instaneous. Also there are some things I will miss about old Blogger mainly you didn't have to type in day and time when you had to edit and bump up a post. I'd rather new Blogger maintained the dropdown menu for that.

Still this should heighten the experience here at It's My Mind especially if you want to find other posts on a particular subject. I'll have to figure out how to post links in the sidebar for the labels. Other than that I can always use feedback.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

It took me 9 hours to transfer everything over from my old bogger to the new beta version.

I don't like the time/date option buried - I'm not too keen on having to type my entire email address to sign in - and besides that, they forced me to do it.

Like the agent on the All-State insurance commercial says, "Other than that, it works fine."

Oh, I was hoping I could get you to post some of the campaign mailers and your take on each, as they come in?

I'll be covering our first debate today with two reporters, streaming video and photos. I'm moving on up these days. Maybe by the sixth event, I'll be doing live coverage. lol


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