Monday, July 24, 2006

Separate and Unequal: The Reality of Race...

If I had known about it a lot earlier I'd have written a blurb about it already. I'll do better hopefully. This was a good program hosted by former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw yesterday evening about stories revolving around students, teachers, and other concerned citizens of Jackson, Mississippi. They've got a lot of work to do down there. You can see a little bit about that program at

This interests me because the first blurb I saw on NBC Nightly News about it was of the mayor of Jackson, MS. A man by the name of Frank Melton, who seems to have a hands on approach to the issues affecting his city. He makes patrols around the city wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying two guns on himself. He talks tough and he doesn't have to do this, he was a wealthy man having sold his TV station (an NBC affiliate). Seeing this I already started to like the mayor.

All the same Jackson seems to suffer problems I only image could occur in much larger cities like Chicago. Of course they would have them in what amounts to be the largest city in Mississippi. Then they talk about white flight, and how Jackson became a majority black city with the whites moving to the suburbs. The suburbs look better than Jackson's inner city. There are Best Buys, shopping malls, and nice homes. One of the people featured in this program a youth minister says Jackson doesn't have a movie theater in town.

You want to know a little background about this city. This city was a battleground, a heavily segregated city as far as the south goes. When integration won out the whites started to move away. But the interesting story was about the daughter of the segregationalist governor of Mississippi who eventually started teaching at the black high school Lanier and still volunteers there. She says that it was a learning experience for her because she didn't really know much about black people.

All the same this was a good program. I recorded a portion of this program. Having bought a brand new VCR I forgot that I can actually record programs again. Then again while fool around with a VCR when I could get a Tivo.

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