Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Be wary of judges...

Well I remember a few years ago probably during the last campaign season for statewide offices Rev. Jesse Jackson stated that when it come to our judges they "want retention, we want detention." I may not always agree with Jesse Jackson but he is right on this points.

Judges have been allowed a lot of power today. It is a matter of I suppose we have to worry about them legislating from the bench but that is more of a federal issue than a state issue. When we go to the ballot box in Chicago we may not know half of those individuals who are seeking a seat on the bench for circuit court and beyond.

We must know because we want capable judges who will uphold the law and will not release criminals onto our streets who just might offend again. If you watch the O'Reilly Factor or other programs you might hear about judges who will go ahead and release criminals or give them light sentences although they have been proven to be dangers to their communities.

It is important to know about the candidates for judge and hopefully know where they're coming from. Also with the hopes that them will be fair and just as well as to be sure those criminals that are dangerous don't wind up on the streets again. Thus I have found a website that will help you the voter,

Our purpose is to help Illinois voters learn about judges and candidates for judicial offices. Do the voters want and need that information? We think so. More than 60,000 visits were recorded during the five-day period before, and including, Election Day in 2002.

I hope you find what you need out there and hopefully we can elect good judges who will help make our streets safer and keep our justice system operation smoothly.

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