Monday, November 28, 2005

Three items on Monday...

1)I have a pet peeve with those individual who instead of finding the nearest trash can will just simply though trash on the streets. When I was waiting to leave a park in Riverdale, Illinois a year ago I saw someone driving by just throw some trash out of the window. I just think this proves to be a matter of lack of care, lack of pride, and I could come up with some other theories.

Regardless, this irritates me. And it is not enough to say it is someone else's job to pick another individual trash up either. In college you must learn that it is not the cleaning staff's job to clean up after you, it's yours. That mean if you don't attend to it right away spills, paper, etc will be there for a very long while.

If Riverdale had been my city, it wouldn't just be a fine but perhaps a tax just to keep the city clean. Someone has to pay for the clean up and as much as I don't like taxes I have to be creative and come up with an incentive. A cleaning tax seems like it. If possible I would place it on property too. Perhaps I should move to the suburbs and run a city.

2)I return to ATL to find that one of my topics on the movie Street Fight (a documentary shown on PBS' POV series) is still getting comments. Of course my posts here seem to average between zero to one comments, I'm kind of amazed that people can still find it. And I see that DVD versions of this movie is actually available, perhaps I'll get me an early Christmas present before I purchase my return ticket to Chicago. I did record this movie on tape unfortunately my VCR is acting up at the current moment. But at least I have an operable DVD player.

Oh yeah I have yet to look at the latest comment. There were links provided of an election in Minneapolis of about the same dynamic as that of Newark. If it's true then I just hope this won't become a trend. It seems easier to hold on to power and influence than to just step aside for new ideas and such.

POV: Street Fight
More thoughts on Street Fight

Honestly I kind of wonder how these people find me. LOL

3)I plan to revamp my links in the near future. There are some things that belong and others that don't. It's probably about that time where I may need to re-evaluate why I have some of those links up there. I've also thought about revamping this blog and going from Blogger to perhaps Wordpress. Unfortunately I'm a long ways from making that decision it ultimately takes money and I honestly like what I am doing here. Either way that time may come.

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