Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bobby Rush has issues paying his mortgage...

In a link to a Sun-Times article from Illinois Pundit. Congressmen make at least $162,100 a year. It's good money, but Rep. Rush is unable to pay his mortgage and now he may lose his house on the 3500 block of Calumet Avenue in Chicago. I have also learned for the first time that the Sun-Times has revealed that he has used campaign contributions for his own church.

He prolly has about the same problem as most black folks. He may not have any idea on how to manage his money. This has got to be an embarrasment for if no one else but the black community and the first congressional district of Illinois.

On the plus side I'd like to say he can find his way onto the right side of the issues unlike some of his colleagues. He was protesting against the slavery in the Sudan, he even got arrested for it. In addition to that he has fought predatory lending. He was quoted to have said that blacks can not depend on anyone else to solve their problems, but this won't make the news.

Another little tidbit. Bobby Rush was opposed back in 2000 by State Sen. Barack Obama for his congressional seat. I don't know how far the grudge has gone but all I know is that when Sen. Obama ran for US Senate in 2004, Rep. Rush threw his support behind Blair Hull in the US Senate Democratic primary.

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