Saturday, July 09, 2005

More thoughts on Street Fight

If there is one aspect of the episode that I was disturbed by it's the ruthless methods of Mayor Sharpe James. He acts as if he has nothing to stand by and resorts to intimidation, cohersion, and even name calling. He may have built up Newark over the years, but he acts like he just might be corrupt.

One ought to be disturbed (at least one who is black) by Mayor James' reverse racism. There are ways to divide the race and Mayor James uses them. This division could be the result of skin color, economic class, perhaps even where you come from (that is are you a product of the street or poor). Whatever the case instead of having something to stand on Mayor James insist on attacking Cory Booker using some of these methods.

At one point during this film Cory Booker was at a booksigning with Dr. Cornell West. A Sharpe James campaign vehicle passes by with speakers at full blast. They say such things as "You ain't black" or "You're suspect boy".

I would have to wonder if those who support Sharpe James had known about his indiscretions and his methods. Do they even know about them or pay attention? Or do they even care? One thing is certain there will be another election either between Mr. Booker and the incumbent mayor. Hopefully there will be a return to democracy there.


Anonymous said...

I just watched "Street Fight" on PBS. I feel that Cory Booker should move to another town/city and start his family and he would be a strong leader in any community in any town in anywhere, USA. It seems the people were very misled by Sharpe James and his distortions were believed and that's very sad. As far as seeing Sharpton and Jackson backing him, they just fell for his lies and deceit. I never liked Sharpton to begin with. He's awful shady, IMO.

Anonymous said...

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