Saturday, June 25, 2005

News on a Saturday morning...

On the Rainbow/Push Saturday morning broadcast which airs around the country but in Chicago on Channel 36 Chicago Access Network at 10 AM for an hour an interesting thing occurred. I've never seen Jesse Jackson address important issues on this weekend forum. He may address education but I see him as an ideologue more than a proactive force for good. He may know his history but he's still an ideologue and no matter how you slice it, that's still dangerous.

I've praised in the past few months that he decided to take an interest in saving Terry Schiave. Why? Because this could affect black Americans at some point. One issue that was mentioned was three-fifths of a person. Well this morning I must praise him again.

He had some prominent black Chicago citizen take an AIDS/HIV test. This has become an importants issue in light of DL bruthas and some other assorted issues, however this is a good start that I wish many blacks in a position of leadership would be willing to take. Among those on stage he mention Roland Martin from the Chicago Defender and Willie Barrow (whose son died of AIDS) were on stage taking the test.

Of course before the hour was over Jesse was still taking a few shot at President Bush and blacks joining the "Confederacy" but what he's been doing for the past few months and this morning should be worth some good. Again I just wish other's in a position of leadership in the community can start showing some vision and leadership and do what's right.

Second item

20th ward Alderman Arenda Troutman is in the news again. Sometime last year she was in the news thanks to the improprieties of her "acquaintance" who was a gang member using some of her office equipment. Now she's in there with regards to the ongoing Hired Truck Scandal.

A trucking firm once owned by her ex-husband has made more than $1.1 million from the Hired Truck program. It dropped out of it last year. Ms. Troutman insists that she has done nothing wrong and never profited from it. When continued to be pressed she ended the press conference.

Check out this allegation quoted from the Sun-Times article...

Troutman's former ward superintendent, Sandra Williams-Bey, accused Troutman of helping set up the company and putting the firm in Vulcain's name to hide family ownership. Williams-Bey makes the accusation in a letter sent to federal prosecutors. Troutman calls Williams-Bey, who was fired from her job, a disgruntled employee.

Alderman: 'I've done nothing wrong' from Chicago Sun-Times 6/25/2005

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