Sunday, June 26, 2005

"She has come a long way up from the ghetto."

In 1986 an article by Brenda Lane who worked for the Oakland Tribune wrote an article titled, "The Dilemma of The Black Middle Class".

There was a breif paragraph on our current Secretary of State and then Stanford University professor Condoleeza Rice. Her name was slaughtered in this article so that not on me. This was almost a 20 year mistake.

Codolezza Rice, a Stanford University professor who is an expert in Soviet arms policies, was interviewed for two hours by a white reporter. The next day she saw a copy of the story. The opening line read: "She has come a long way up from the ghetto." The only problem is that Rice was raised in a middle class suburb of Alabama, and has never lived in a ghetto.

It's interesting that I or Ms. Rice could live in a nicer community than some but I still live in the ghetto.

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