Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feds charge heroin ring operated inside water department

The Chicago Tribune has reported yesterday that there is a heroin ring in Chicago's water department. This is another hit against Mayor Richard M. Daley who right now is in trouble because of the emerging investigation of corruption in the municipal government. He's already taking heat for the Hired Truck Scandal. There are so far two credible contenders against him for mayor in 2007 2nd congressional district congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and 4th congressional district congressman Luis Gutierrez. A lot can happen in two years so we'll have to see how this goes.

Now the mayor is the son of another Mayor who have seen his fair share of corruption. And somehow Mayor Richard J. Daley has survived until his death in 1976. They both have a decent record of building the city despite various improprieties mainly the problems involving city workers during political work on the city's time, racial issues, and even problems involving contracts with minority companies.

Again a lot can happen in less than two years, but the time is now for both Jackson and Gutierrez to make their move and not let there be any small time candidates to attempt to take city hall. They are the best Chicago has to offer right now. I may not agree with either of their positions however I'd be excited about the campaign to be and the hopes that we'll see a new face in Chicago's city hall. Daley has been in office since 1989, so it's basically beyond time. We'll have to see if he'll either lose, resign, get sent to jail, or decided not to run for election.

Time will tell.

Feds charge heroin ring operated inside water department

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potatowned said...

Is that why I can't stop drinking the Hinkley Springs at work? I need another water fix!!!

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