Friday, May 27, 2005

A bust on my street today

I have lived in the city all my life and I live right across the street from a high school. I used to go to that same high school and have observed things that have occurred probably since I've attended that school. This was an outrageous situation to say the least and it is unfortunate that so many of our young people put themselves in this position.

I was starting the sprinklers out front when I saw a group of young men congregating near a vehicle. I had to go meet some one at the L so I was able to check out what was going on. All these young men had their hands on the top of the car. This was a search by some plain clothed cops. As I walk by one of them found something, a bag, which he summarily throws onto the hood of the trunk. He then prepares to cuff one of the kids and he's making a fuss about is. Another cop being a drama queen announces that every one of the guys (there were about 5 or 6) were going to jail.

I didn't stick around to figure out what happened, but it did. As I walked by I saw that apparently the police made a special trip across the street didn't even change directions. Something was up apparently. I also know that some of these kids park across the street before they go to class, they wait until the last minute before the get into the building and it is possible that they are engaging in something they have no business (such as smoking the weed).

In any case this is an unfortunate incident amongst many in the big city. Expecially living across the street of a big city high school. As for the young guys, I hope they take this as a learning experience. I also understand that if you're caught with this non-sense that the penalties may be stiffer.

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