Wednesday, March 21, 2007

VIDEO: Two Women

On the Fence films has made the Canadian health care system a target. This is not the first video they made on this.

So let's see a woman was so sick and had constant infections that she had to had her bladder removed. Why? Well according to this video it didn't need to happen she kept getting wait listed for treatment.

Her mother got to work on her behalf. Wrote letters, made phone calls, even offered to pay for her daughter's treatment. Well Canadians weren't allowed to pay for their treatment apparently.

Her mother went to her parliamentary representative for help and they took her letter to the Minister of Health. That didn't do much good, though. Apparently it was more important to help a man get a sex change operation before they could help a woman with a serious medical condition.

Canadians can say that their health care system isn't a failure but I just have to look at this on the individual level and looking at some of these stories something is wrong. I hope we don't have a system where a person with a serious medical problem doesn't immediately get the treatment they need.

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