Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A dedicated public servant...

Good for her. These are the kind of stories we should hear about. What this woman did was risky and thankfully it paid off. She could have just as easily decided not to pursue this, but what she did helped this dangerous individual get caught.

So to set up this story, Martha Ramos is the chief of staff to Alderman Rey Colon (35th Ward) and followed a man from the scene of a knife attack and was on the phone with 911 to give away his location. This man, Luis Irizarry, was already suspected in a series of knife attacks in the Edgewater neighborhood. In doing so it just made him easier to arrest. Here's a little more...

"He just looked suspicious, because he was running like he was escaping from something," said Ramos, 41. "I just was so focused that I wanted the police to hurry up and catch this guy."

Prosecutors charged Irizarry, 26, with five counts of aggravated battery and one count of attempted murder in attacks that started March 13 and continued until his arrest Sunday. On Monday, Judge Raymond Myles ordered Irizarry held without bond.

Chicago Police praised Ramos' role in Irizarry's capture.

"She did a very fine job," said Deputy Supt. Hiram Grau. "She could have easily continued to go on her way and not made the call."
Sunday around 11 a.m., Ramos was driving north on Kimball near Diversey when she saw a man in a black hooded sweatshirt being followed by another man who was screaming.

The second man stopped to catch his breath, and Ramos said she "saw the blood dripping from the side of his face."

Without hesitating, Ramos made a left onto Diversey, following the hooded man. Everything seemed to work in her favor, she said -- even the traffic lights cooperated.

"Nothing obstructed me," she said. "Time stood still. I felt like I was flying."

The man turned into an alley, and Ramos followed him, dialing 911 as she drove. For the next 10 minutes, she trailed as the man snaked his way through alleys and side streets.

Ramos stayed on the phone with 911, telling the operator her location.

"I realized at that moment how important it is for people to put addresses on garages in the alley, because that really helped situate me," she said.

The man darted across Milwaukee Avenue and made a right on North Elbridge. There, in the 3000 block, police caught up with him.

Well we know a motive for why this guy was cutting people. He thought there were giving people "weird" and "crazy" looks. Obviously a mind of a disturbed individual. None of the individuals attacked were killed thankfully.

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