Monday, January 23, 2006

Two high profile black Republicans

So I just so happen to run up on this article on a contendor for the governorship of Ohio. What sets him apart from anyone else is that he is a black man. In addition to being a Republican and a social and fiscal conservative. We are talking about the Ohio Secretary of State J. Ken Blackwell.

Then in Maryland, there is a Lt. Governor named Michael Steele who is currently running for the Senate seat being given up by Paul Sarbanes. You may heard stories about Lt. Gov. Steele being pelted with Oreo cookies mainly because he just so happen to be a black Republican although no one appears to be sure if that actually happened or not.

In any case these are two people to watch next year. Steele may be considered the conservative balance to Sen. Obama. As for Blackwell he may be the second black man to become elected a Governor. The first being Douglas Wilder from Virginia although Gov. Wilder (now Mayor of Richmond, Virginia) is by no means the first black to become Governor of a state.

Perhaps the hope from these two examples is that blacks might be more willing to vote GOP. We'll have to see about that. I still think there are some barriers that just have to be broken down for that to occur. Honestly I think the GOP hasn't spent too much time and effort pursuing black votes. I think there is a constituency who might be willing to vote Republican.

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