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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Larry Elder on Black families angry with public education


[VIDEO] As you know Larry Elder is running in the recall election for Governor of California. If Golden State voters recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, there is a strong possibility that Elder would be voted to replace Newsom.

As Elder rolls out his campaign for Governor, one issue he has discussed is public education. He discusses the systemic racism of public education in Los Angeles. The systemic racism being schools in low-income communities have the least qualified teachers. And the schools may have staff that look like the community - i.e. Black teachers and administrators - however that doesn't help the schools continue to perform.

Another focus of this video released after Elder declared his candidacy for Governor is that California plans to phase out a basic skills test that will help teachers attain their credentials. What is addressed here is racism - and the ones who like to talk about systemic racism is unable to adequately define it in their own words. You've heard the argument that the SAT is culturally biased, are the the tests that California teachers are expected to take for their credentials culturally biased?

Is the Golden State willfully setting the bar lower for aspiring teachers only to set them up to fail? We hear of teachers who can't spell or even seemingly confused at simple math problems. Meanwhile we hear 75% of Black boys are unable to read at their grade level. And there are frustrated parents out there who don't like what they see with their children and the people who are charged with educating them.

Can Larry Elder fix an education system that seems very set in its ways?

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