Friday, October 12, 2018

Obscure WWF Superstar Waylon Mercy

[VIDEO] "Lives are gonna to be in Waylon Mercy's hands"

Waylon Mercy is one of those characters from 1990s World Wrestling Federation that I barely remember if at all. Inspired from Max Cady of Cape Fear, Mercy is a performer that comes into the ring shakes everyone's hands and once the bell rings becomes a maniac. You can see it when he finishes off his opponents with a sleeper hold.
[VIDEO] As I share one of his matches with you, in this case from WWF Superstars - syndicated throughout the nation in the 1990s - you see Vince McMahon put Mercy over. Yeah that Vince McMahon who became a wrestling character in his own right as the megalomaniac owner of the now WWE was in the early years a play-by-play man. And he put over Mercy as a maniac one the match starts which is what a play-by-play & color commentator are supposed to do.

Unfortunately as with many of the vaguely memorable characters of the WWF of the mid-1990s Waylon Mercy - as portrayed by longtime wrestler Dan Spivey who also wrestled in WCW - was nothing more than a mid-card act. WWF Superstars was a program that mainly showcased squash matches and often the matches rarely featured anyone of great note. I can't even tell you if Mercy even wrestled on Monday Night Raw (actually he wrestled another memorable character from 90s WWF Doink the Clown on Raw).
[VIDEO] The thing is I saw a shoot interview with former WWF champion Sycho Sid who noted Waylon Mercy. McMahon had been trying to get that character over for years and started with Mercy and then ultimately developed into Bray Wyatt. So Sid sees a connection between those sports entertainment characters.
[VIDEO] Well I have a tough time seeing it. Mercy I couldn't even see as a cult leader as Wyatt was. If Mercy had developed the way Wyatt had who knows what direction the gimmick could've gone. Perhaps it's possible that Waylon Mercy was ahead of his time. Of course I also learned the character didn't last long because Dan Spivey got injured and was ultimately forced to retire from in-ring competition.

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