Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Reason: Socialism Fails Every Time

[VIDEO] Gloria Alvarez talks about socialism. As we've seen here in America the idea itself has been gaining some steam under the banner of "democratic socialism". However, recognize that this video isn't to talk up socialism.

On the contrary we see some aspects of the negative aspects of socialism. The shortages, the lack of respect for businesses, and unfortunately violence. A blatant example you can look up these days is Venezuela for example what's mentioned in this video is inflation   .

I'm not solid on my economics, so as explained in this video when the money began to run out in Venezuela the gov't just printed more. The price of food for example increased as a result. And also if you were a business owner who raised prices to keep up with inflation (and surely to be able to continue making money) the gov't would take that business away.

I look forward to Alvarez's next video on this subject of why socialism - a centrally planned economy - is often a bad deal.

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