Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Larry Sharpe, A Candidate With Better Ideas

[VIDEO] New York politics has often fascinated me. Probably began with what happened with former governor Eliot Spitzer who only served about two years before giving the office up.

What I know about the Empire State is that it's a solid blue state and there's little indication that this'll change in the near future. I often try to relate New York with Illinois both are large states population wise and both have a huge city NYC and Chicago respectively. And I would imagine the largest cities in their respective states feud with the rest of the state.

Today we see John Stossel speak with libertarian Larry Sharpe who wants to be New York's next governor. Hmmm the ideas most would reflexively reject such as using corporations to pay for building and maintaining bridges. Better yet utilizing subway lines for freight which is an old idea as the Chicago L had been used for freight.

If I believe Stossel, Mr. Sharpe has serious support more than any other previous Libertarian candidate (if not other 3rd parties in NY at least). All the same, it still appears the incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo could run away with a third term next month.

BTW, I should really do a new post about Illinois' governor's race.

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