Friday, July 06, 2018

Mark Dice: CNN Targets YouTube

[VIDEO] I suppose soon we'll need to either find or create the alternative to YouTube. It took years for that site to develop into what it is today. Just as easily for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

When I saw the headline I couldn't believe Mark Dice was defending YouTube as he often states that due to some changes in moderation and ad algorithms some channels - well right-wing or conservative channels - are being demonitized. One of my favorite channels from Shawn Woods is going through this and there's nothing political about his channel, he just often shows various traps for a variety of rodents.

Dice however is blatantly political and is capable of trolling. He's certainly an entertaining right-wing YouTube pundit and is probably one of many who probably isn't able to truly use his channel to monetize to its potential. Besides he has over 1.2 million subscribers and with my small channel I'd like that. Of course that's provided that YouTube will still remain a site where everyday people can still post their videos whatever they maybe.

Which I might add one thing you'll see in the vid above is the return of traditional celebrities. So perhaps the mainstream media is only looking to regain the power that they have begun to lose. Evidently only the legacy media whether newspapers, broadcast media, or Hollywood should be able to determine who can rise or fall. People aren't allowed to bypass those channels if you will!

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