Sunday, July 08, 2018

The College Bubble Begins to Deflate

You know consider me among the group that believed in the value of a college education and only incurred student loan debt. Unless you have a plan once you get your degree it's not worth it. In my case it was an expectation within my family based upon my grades in high school - they were a fluke when you think about it - and they just expected me to have college in my plans.

Either way this is what the National Review says:
And then reality started to catch up on that conventional wisdom. Americans started doubting that college was such a great investment as they saw lots of people with degrees doing low-skill work and realized that the high cost of college could exceed the benefits by a wide margin. The upward march of college enrollments leveled off and began to decline. Since 2011, they’re down 9 percent.
Shaw contends that some of the decline is due to a culture shift, as some Americans swing back toward older attitudes about work, no longer disdaining blue-collar jobs as so many had. Also, fewer international students are coming to the U.S.
Fewer international students are coming here to get their degrees? What's going on are they sensing no value in coming to school here?

All the same, there was no idea on my part about blue-collar work. If I had a basis in that - learning some skill that upon graduating from high school I could've gotten a job with it. Doesn't matter could be welding, woodwork, electrician, etc. Also one mistake I made during my high school years was that I never took a course in business skills such as accounting or bookkeeping. Either way we get these kids set on college, but didn't have a basis to truly get them ready for the real world.

It also didn't help that at least the young people who graduated with me from high school - GO FALCONS - didn't exactly come from families that could afford to send them to school. My thing is for my experience I just wasn't ready for not only community college, I wasn't ready for Morehouse either.

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