Saturday, July 21, 2018

If wife outearns husband, she downplays it and he exaggerates!

Check out this CNN article. Conventional wisdom seems to be women lose respect for a man when he makes less money than her. Also the man might be jealous of this fact, my dad was honestly. Also consider most women have a tough time considering a man who makes more money than her.
The study, co-authored by Marta Murray-Close and Misty Heggeness, found that husbands who earn less than their wives reported their income to be 2.9% higher than what was on their tax returns. However, researchers found that wives inflated their husband's earnings even more than the husband did.

When it comes to reporting the wife's income, the opposite was true. While both spouses downplayed the wife's salary in census surveys -- reporting her income to be 1.5% lower than what she actually earned -- they found husbands tended to underestimate their wife's income more than she did.

Of the couples the authors analyzed, almost 1 in 4 were in marriages where the wife was the primary breadwinner.
We live in times where women want to go to school and go to work. Indeed it seems - if I believe the media - women look down on other women who want to be stay-at-home wives and mothers. Regardless men are still expected to be the breadwinners whether or not they're wives work a better job. Some norms in our society hasn't changed yet.

Which reminds me and that the next post...and I'll just keep you all in suspense.

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