Saturday, July 21, 2018

Prager U: War on boys

 [VIDEO] Sort of a piggy back on the recent Stossel vid on how gov't caused the boy crisis. Which argued in part that welfare programs have essentially taken the men - the fathers of children - out of their families and away from their children.

Watch the video above and then click a link to another post and then consider another recent post on how wives and husbands view each other's income. I'm making a wild connection here, however, why not just note that boys have been somewhat being downplayed.

In another video we talk about the boy crisis and how boys - well and girls too - don't have their fathers. Is it because father's are being downplayed these days?

Either way the point of this video is well boys learn different from girls. Boys have different interests from girls. However I could conclude that the education system seems to favor girls. As a result the boys begin to fall behind and for society that could be trouble. We want the girls to succeed of course, however, we want the boys to succeed also!

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