Thursday, June 21, 2018


I'm afraid I'm a tad late to this party with regards to the children of illegal immigrants being separated from their families. In this case, we've heard of some bad stories involving children crossing the border into this country. Of course as this is being debated in Washington and even with an executive order being signed by the President seeking to end this police there are some other issues to consider.

For example, illegal immigrant children being separated from their families are being compared to children separated from their parents by the criminal justice system. And evidently that number is a larger number than these illegal immigrants that have caught fire in political circles lately.

I wanted to show you a racial angle to this and presumably this could be the angle of disproportionate sentencing between whites and minorities in the criminal justice system. That is perhaps the difference between a minority getting a good lawyer versus say whites. Ideally a good attorney can keep you out of jail, though I can recognize that it's likely deeper than that. And I wish I had more stats and studies on hand to really back this assertion up.

To start I've been following Boyce Watkins over at my other instagram handle The Sixth Ward and occasionally regram some of his posts. Here's a few posts he did regarding this issue.

I got one more for you and it's a lot more inciendiary than Watkins' above ig posts
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Oh man they had to go over the top and use slavery references...

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