Thursday, April 05, 2018

Tyrone Hankerson speaks

[VIDEO] There were photos of Mr. Hankerson in some exotic locales and showing himself as a fashionable young man going around on social media. I showed you an example of this last week. Then in the last few days he makes his rounds to defend himself and with his lawyer as you see in clip above from CBS News.

He's answering for any potential association he may have to the Howard University financial aid scandal where it was alleged in a now deleted Medium article that he was the recipient of generous financial aid awards. Of course he's going to deny that he got generous financial aid, he denies that he was able to create a generous financial aid package, he also denies that he was fired from his student job in the department, he thus denies that he had any role in financial aid rewards, well yeah I could keep going. Mr. Hankerson has every right to defend himself and clear the air about whatever role he might have had during his time as a student worker with Howard's financial aid officer.

With this said the above video is a little over 6 minutes. Here's another video with journalist Roland Martin which is about 40 minutes. While I may not have time to watch the whole thing, now I wonder what Hankerson and Martin discusses during that time. [VIDEO]

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