Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Found this perhaps forgotten 80s Don Adams sitcom recently

I didn't know this that Don Adams had a daughter who appeared on Star Trek. Cecily Adams starred as Quark's mother Ishka on several episodes of Deep Space Nine. She had to don some make-up to become a Ferengi - actually I also learned the Ishka character was at first portrayed by different actress.

And then curiosity got the better of me. Adams who passed away in 2005 (and sadly his daughter passed away the year before) starred in one of my favorite sitcoms of all-time Get Smart. And I remember in the 1980s that he starred in another sitcom called Check It Out. I barely remember it and likely saw it in first run probably on cable - it did air on the USA Network back then.

Check It Out probably doesn't have the same popularity as Get Smart does. In fact the episodes I have seen causes me to cringe. Not that this is a know but I didn't know that back in the 80s,  Check It Out was actually a series that aired, produced, and set in Canada. It strikes me as a typical 1980s sitcom and while there have been some good ones this one wouldn't even rank very high on my list.

Here's one I episode found on YouTube recently. In this episode Adams' character Mr. Bannister - a grocery store manager - finds out that he's under consideration for a job with an international hotel chain. He'd have to go to Vienna to interview so most of the events in this episode revolves around that. No pun intended but "check it out"! [VIDEO]

NOTE: usually this is a video I would embed unfortunately this particular channel doesn't allow embeds.

Anyway I see that in a second season episode of the sitcom, Bannister grows a mustache. In the first season Bannister sports a different hairstyle and it was the least Adams like. By season two it goes back to normal I suppose to what I was used to, however, the mustache throws me off more. I recognize what's going on possibly - he doesn't want to be the character he played on Get Smart Agent 86 of Control a fictional spy agency. Nope, he has to play a manager essentially a regular guy with everyday responsibilities as far as his job. He needs not resemble a bumbling spy although he also seems to portray a bumbling store manager.

Another cool feature is how they incorporate Adams' voice into the opening theme. Adams is a well known name and we likely don't remember the other names involved with the show today. Perhaps to attract viewers the former star of Get Smart had been the hook. Imagine this Adams making an announcement and then expressing a new catchphrase for this show "don't just stand there" and then the chorus from the theme "check it out!" Heh, ingenious!

This series lasted three years and probably is in the dustbin of history as far as TV sitcoms. I found it out of curiosity and decided perhaps it's not really worth much of my time. Although it's was cool to see Adams as a different character than the one most in the public identify him with.

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