Monday, February 05, 2018

Documentary on violence in Auburn Gresham

[VIDEO] This would be on topic over at normally, but I've decided to slow down on posting such videos there. Over at The Sixth Ward, I had posted the 8th video of Maggio News' top 10 series of violent Chicago neighborhoods - Roseland.

All the same most of his videos go through the history of these neighborhoods - well actually these aren't neighborhoods there are 77 community areas which contains a number of self-contained neighborhoods. So I'm guessing in referring to these community areas as neighborhoods he's considering his audience who aren't familiar with Chicago.

So basically in a number of these videos he considers the history of this neighborhoods especially ethnic history for example Auburn Gresham - as you see in vid above - had a melting pot of German, Polish, or Swedish residents. He considers white flight which is what happened in Auburn Gresham and Roseland for example. Then of course he talks about gangs and consider for a second that well Chicago - perhaps most cities around the nation - had issues with gangs of a variety of ethnics. We could talk about the Italians, Irish, and then we could talk Black gangs.

Unfortunately gangs are nothing new to our cities. The focus these days unfortunately are likely the Latin gangs or even Black gangs. Even then if you're into the criminal life no matter your ethnicity and you're involved in the killing you're as much part of the problem. Black, white, Latin, etc. it doesn't matter at all.

I posted these videos over some neighborhood oriented forms near the end of last month - written over at The Sixth Ward. People responded mainly to the politics of the man who produced these vids Vic Maggio. Many referred to him as an outsider and there are videos of him coming from a suburban community to come into the city to document Chicago crime scenes. Bottom line is that for good or for bad, Maggio's video will touch a nerve in some way.

BTW, thanks to this video I found out the source for his stats. Visit! I'm going to be checkin that site more often.

ALSO, near the end he covers the shootings of various rappers in Chicago. They're targets especially if they're associated with particular gangs. Almost as if they're the propagandists to put these into political terms. The gangs have leaders and evidently they essentially have mouth pieces. Sadly it seems rapping is still a dangerous profession.

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