Saturday, February 03, 2018

Updates for February

This month my goal is to fit at least a whole month of posts. So this is February so I can shoot for at least 28, but who knows perhaps you might see at least 30 or so posts here. It's been a while since this blog can claim so many posts during any given month here.

As it happens there may be a break perhaps only Sundays for the most part. That's what I did last month at took Sunday off and took a few days off around New Year's. And at that published 35 posts there last month. Found things to post about too.

What helped? Chris Kennedy - who's running for the Democrat nomination for Illinois governor - made comments about Strategic Gentrification. Then there were the issues regarding President Obama's library. Finally a story regarding a shooting in Chicago's Burnside neighborhood.

What will help me keep up my pace for posting in February? Time will tell although bear in mind this is also Black History Month and I already wrote one post about that on Friday.

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