Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese graduate student decodes our new President

I just have to admit this could've easily been me, except I'm not going for a PhD nor do I have the extreme focus he did. I truly admire his conclusions, if there were an American student that did the type of political science work that he has.

Via Washington Post:
Yin’s analysis? American journalists, he thinks, blinded by their confidence in American exceptionalism overestimated the strength of U.S. institutions and underestimated grass-roots rage. “I’ve always seen American democracy as a second-rate democracy,” he said, “because the parliamentary system is better in nearly every way.”

From the perspective of one-party China, he argues that the two-party system fuels populist politics, turning democracy into a personality contest. “For too long, the press focused on Trump’s personality and missed the real story — Trump’s supporters,” he said.

To understand “Make America Great Again,” Yin looks to home. Since coming to power in 2012, President Xi Jinping has promised the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” a slogan with similar appeal.

Both messages are both, at their core, conservative, Yin said. They portray “a world in decay, where things will go bad if they do nothing.”

“Good things always happen yesterday. They must preserve and protect. It’s about national pride, traditional values and military might,” he said.
So if I read Yin Hao's conclusions correctly and how he arrived at them Trump's surprise victory last November didn't come out of nowhere. The momentum for Trump as we saw with him on the campaign trail was true. I hope you read the whole thing.

 Hat-tip Newsalert! I have to admit, on Sunday I browsed the blog going back to inauguration day to see whatever links Steve Bartin had shared from that day.

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