Sunday, January 22, 2017

Because of the McMansion Hell blog...

8459 South Michigan - Eric Allix Rogers
I've grown to appreciate mid-century modern architecture. There are plenty examples of these buildings on the south side. Not just Hyde Park/Kenwood, but further south. Perhaps here I will share my own observations with you.

Meanwhile you should read McMansion Hell to see what they have against these McMansions. We've seen them out there around the country. Surely you've seen them in the Chicago area and I know I've seen them in the suburbs of ATL.

BTW, if you've got the cash there is a mid-century modern revival. If you already own such a home this is what you can do to keep it maintained.

FTR, I'm posting this to lighten the mood just change subjects for a bit from the new administration in Washington. Perhaps the good times will roll again we shall see.

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