Monday, January 30, 2017

Bill Maher LMAO

The language contained in the video below is NOT SAFE FOR WORK due to language.
[VIDEO] It's been years since I've watched Bill Maher. Used to somewhat faithfully watched his old Comedy Central and ABC program Politically Incorrect. That show got cancelled because he made some politically incorrect statements with regards to terrorism.

In his comments on his HBO program Real Time, Maher just illustrates that while the liberals - I prefer leftists - of this country got offended by every little detail. By every little detail a person's Holloween costume, a sports team name, perhaps how someone compliments a woman or a person of a different race. Regardless offended by some small cultural sleight and then allowed a so-called mad man (Trump?) become Prez.

As funny as this was he's right. As people hear you condemn something that is culturally offensive or better yet you decide not to stand your ground because you believe you did nothing lost to the other side. Trump gets into the White House, Republicans gain control of Congress, states become more Republican in state legislatures and governorships.

Trump ran an unorthodox campaign without a doubt, perhaps it's time for the other side to do so. With that in mind, also do a better job of connecting with everyday people.

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