Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NBC News the new FOX News....don't do it!!!!

A laudable goal, however, I would rather NBC News becomes an objective news organization. There is room in the marketplace for either a conservative news/commentary outlet or a liberal news/commentary outlet. It's time to get back to this idea of objectivity in the news to steal a tagline from FOX News "fair & balanced".

I've watched MSNBC from the beginning in 1995 and I had been a long way from noting a liberal/conservative bias at the time. Then learned as time went on how much further leftward that network began to turn and even without watching any programming from that network.

I at one point watched CNN and could say roughly the same thing. There may not have been a real leftward slant there, but certainly they have been accused of such as time has gone on.

So perhaps since the turn of the century if I watch any 24/7 cable news it has been FOX News because at one point I have percieved it as a lot more objective. Or I believed the ads and the marketing although I accept it as a right-leaning outlet.

So with all this opinion along different ideological lines, would simple objectivity and good reporting be what it takes for NBC News and MSNBC to change their fortunes? There ought to be a network that has room for conservative, liberal, or even libertarian viewpoints while still showing objective stories with no ideological slant.

Hat-tip Newsalert!

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