Thursday, February 02, 2017

Trumponomics explained???

Ahhhh Trump's economic policies have a name now. All the same here's one quote worth noting:
As a libertarian-leaning economist, I don’t favor either of those changes, or their combination, but still there is a logic here worth considering. Think of this policy as taxing the consumption of elites and throwing that money, and more, at job creation, in this case through corporate subsidies. It’s a bigger and bolder gamble than just making some marginal adjustments in current transfer payments. In essence Trump has outflanked the left by packaging plans for redistribution of wealth with a revamped mercantilism, combined with a macho mood, media-baiting and incendiary rhetoric about who deserves what. It is an underlying fear of the left that a right-wing-flavored redistribution might prove more popular with voters than the left’s preferred egalitarianism and identity politics.
It's not difficult to articulate his economic policies even if you're not sure how he's going to insure fair trade between America and the rest of the world. Which makes sense, get American workers working while still getting those foreign or even often domestic goods that American's crave.

However outflanking the left as he has done since last November and winning the Presidential race this is just another front and there there's this from Instapundit (who provided this link): "Well, the priorities of the Gentry Liberals are not the priorities of mainstream America, as we’ve seen."


You should head over the Bloomberg to read the whole piece.

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