Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#Cubs win

I barely paid attention to this baseball season, but have heard how well the Cubs this year winning over 100 games. Never had the opportunity to see most of those wins, but elated to see them edge the San Francisco Giants in the NLDS this year.

Having lost game three in San Francisco in extra innings the Cubs came back to beat the Giants tonight. Having seen the score at 5-2, Giants I decided it wasn't looking too good. Then later learned that the Cubs won game four in San Francisco.

I think about 1989 when the Cubs was blanked by the Giants in the NLCS - back in 1989 there were two divisions per league and whoever won their respective divisions played in the NLCS. Regardless I had that in mind during the recent playoffs. I'm ecstatic to learn that the Cubs didn't repeat that performance.

Now the next question is who will we play for the National League pennant.

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