Thursday, July 21, 2016

Go somewhere....

The Grand Canyon
Something I did for a little over a week. As usual the mode of transport for this trip is not an airplane but Amtrak. It's always good to see the nation roll by especially during the daylight hours. It's always sad to return home though exciting to go out of town. It's also great to be in far more familiar territory as well.

It always good to leave home for a few days and see how life is lived in another part of this nation. How do people live in such locales as Los Angeles or Las Vegas for example? I had a few days in that part of the nation and it's only a snapshot but worthwhile. Plus heading west is always a rare treat indeed.

On this trip I also went to the Grand Canyon. Been years since the first time I went and it's without a doubt a very massive and deep site. If you're not careful deadly because on the way there I learned someone recently slipped and fell to their death.

All the same the message of this post is clear. It doesn't matter if you leave your block, neighborhood, city, or state. Its always OK to go somewhere and see what's out there. You need not go as far as I had because there are sites to see in the Chicago area or even a day trip away.

Which reminds me, I've always wanted to go to Springfield for example. Also I've never allowed myself an opportunity to see St. Louis. Of course I can always visit Gary, Indiana or check out Indianapolis. Then there's Milwaukee never really had the opportunity to see what that city has to offer.

And with these place all you have to do is spend a day go down early one morning and then come back that evening. Of course you can always spend one night away from home. It's always great to see another part of the world.

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