Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Will Smith, Hitler, and the perils of benevolence

InstaPundit on Christmas Eve ago posted a story about Will Smith who made a statement about Adolf Hitler not waking up one morning doing some evil. He was attempting to say nice things about Hitler in an interview. Read the follow up on this story from Pajamas Media, this may either clear up some things or inflame them further.

I like Will Smith somewhat. I think in the future he might want to stay away from making such statements. In approaching Hitler a topic that could very much cause blood pressures to rise amongst various groups, he might cause himself some harm.

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JP Paulus said...

Regarding's really the media's fault, for taking Will Smith's words out of context (sensational headlines for example).

Was Hitler really destined to start a Holocaust? Was he born that way? Or even thought about it as a preschooler, a child, or even a late adolescent?

i think how it was phrased was strange ("a little deprogramming"), but science fiction is full of stories of alternate universes where if some certain decisions were made differently, entire history would have been changed.

i too don't think most major destructive behaviors were simply a one t-ime decion, but rather a large series of small decisions that drew people to cause great destruction.

If they had other influences, then perhaps they ciuld have used their charisma & strength to help people.

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