Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is mind boggling #icantbreathe

I read this from a neighborhood news outlet known as The Citizen here in Chicago:
Eric Garner was overweight and in poor health. He was a nuisance to shop owners who complained about him selling untaxed cigarettes on the street. When police came to arrest him, he resisted. And if he could repeatedly say, "I can't breathe," it means he could breathe.

Rank-and-file New York City police officers and their supporters have been making such arguments even before a grand jury decided against charges in Garner's death, saying the possibility that he contributed to his own demise has been drowned out in the furor over race and law enforcement.
I recognize that the police already has a difficult job and because of this incident and the one in Ferguson, Missouri had only served to make it much worse.

Still, I think the police in New York are only digging themselves a bigger whole. Regardless of how you say he can breath because he declared that he couldn't a man still died. Some discipline or accountability is still in order for that officer.

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