Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday sales down

In light of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri recently I've seen a lot of people on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram talking about boycotting the most hallowed day of these holidays - the day where people wait to shop for the latest deals. The deals that will result in Christmas presents to be opened only on that most hallowed holiday near the end of the year.

Whatever happened it apparently worked. People haven't been happy about the unrest of Ferguson. Although let's be honest here I understood that consumers boycotted Black Friday because they didn't agree with the idea that many retail workers had to not be with their families on Thanksgiving.

Besides, the earlier stores opened on Thanksgiving the less time these workers spend with their families. I had a job that I worked on the holidays it wasn't my idea but I got paid. Although as time goes on and you know people at work there is a way to get the day off if you need it.

Regardless, did you all choose to shop on Black Friday. Why or why not?

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