Monday, December 30, 2013

Law school grad writes about losing his last shred of dignity

Well you know I just see this as a sign of the times. You have debt and you have to find a job wherever you can find one. In this case, if you've got student loan debt and there's not a job as a lawyer available then you may be forced into retail.

This article is hilarious:
The funny parts often involve his coworkers assuming he can answer every law-related question they have. His coworker Shaina grills him after it's discovered that another coworker named Julian is apparently "robbing the stock room blind." Here's the exchange:

"LawGrad, you a lawyer," Shaina began, "can Julian sue the store?"

"For what?"

"You know, accusing him of stealing because he’s Mexican."

"But he was stealing."

"So he can’t sue?"


Well, it goes from there. This makes me want to read this blog some more.

Then it makes me wonder if it's worth going to law school to incur more debt only to be at square one. At this point it would bother me much more than my current situation.

BTW, found this via Instapundit who says there's nothing undignified about honest work - here, here - and he further adds: "Check your class privilege, dude."

While I can't say that I saw that in the article, well let me take that back in some respects as far as his law degree he may well see working as a cologne salesman as beneath him. He shouldn't feel too bad that classmates may spot him at the store. If he could look at the big picture an opportunity may arise for him!

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